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  1. UNGLH12C
  2. Unger®
    Light-Duty Scraper w/48" Handle, One 4" Reversible Blade
    • 4" zinc alloy angled head.
    • Removes gum and wax buildup along baseboards or floors with ease.
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$31.91  EA
  1. BOS28500
  2. Stanley Bostitch®
    Razor Blade Scraper with 5 Single-Edge Blades
    • Retractable, thumb-advance design.
    • Durable die-cast handle.
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$3.52  EA
  1. UNGSH00C
  2. Unger®
    Ergotec Short Handle Scraper, 4" Blade Width
    • For scraping windows, walls and floors.
    • Use the razor edge to scrape paint and tape, the blunt edge for cement and stucco.
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$22.25  EA
  1. UNGSR040
  2. Unger®
    ErgoTec Safety Scraper with Rubber Cover, Accepts 1 1/2" Blade
    • Rubber grip prevents scraper from slipping in hand.
    • Unique locking system prevents blade from sliding out.
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$4.36  EA
  1. UNGSR50
  2. Unger®
    Safety Scraper, 1 1/2" Wide, 4" Steel Handle
    • Locking blade sleeve.
    • Retractable.
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$3.68  EA
  1. UNGSH25C
  2. Unger®
    The Brute Scraper, 4" Blade Width
    • Make tough jobs easy with reversible blade scraper.
    • Reversible carbon steel blade has blunt edge for cement or stucco work.
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$26.81  EA
  1. RDL3223
  2. Red Devil®
    Retractable Razor-Blade Window Scraper
    • Perfect for scraping window/glass and stickers.
    • Push-pull action locks in placve for use, retracts for safe storage.
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$3.05  EA
  1. RDL4251
  2. Red Devil®
    Zip-A-Way 6 in-1 Painter's Tool, Nylon Handle
    • Gouger, scraper, putty remover, spreader, paint roller cleaner and nail setter all in one tool.
    • Precision-ground, high-carbon steel blade.
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$9.96  EA
  1. UNGEG150
  2. Unger®
    ErgoTec Glass Scraper, 6" Blade Width
    • Reversible carbon steel blade has 2 razor edges ideal for cleaning large surfaces and scraping off paint, stickers, etc.
    • Lightweight ergonomic design with protective blade cap safely stores blade.
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$20.95  EA
  2. Unger®
    Heavy-Duty Floor Scraper, 8" Blade, 5 ft Handle, Zinc Alloy Head
    • Heavy-duty floor scraper with steel handle.
    • Effective for stripping tile floors and removing carpets and adhesives.
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$79.17  EA
  1. RDL3010
  2. Red Devil®
    Single Edge Scraper, 1", Carded
    • Heavy-duty plastic handle.
    • Use to remove paint or varnish from furniture, molding, cornices, wooden sashes, etc.
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$4.60  EA
  1. RCP2018782
  2. Rubbermaid® Commercial
    Maximizer 3-in-1 Floor Prep Tool with Handle, 1.5"
    • Built-in tool attachments clean the toughest messes.
    • Lightweight, quick change handle for easy tool attachment.
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$49.96  EA
  1. RCP2018803
  2. Rubbermaid® Commercial
    Maximizer Quick Change Floor Prep Tool, 4.75" Wide
    • Easily connects to the Maximizer™ Quick Change Handle.
    • Includes durable scrubber for general cleaning, eraser to lift scuffs and scraper to remove stuck-on debris.
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$26.40  EA
  1. RCP2018787
  2. Rubbermaid® Commercial
    Maximizer 3-in-1 Replacement Scraper, 1.5" Wide
    • Compatible with the Maximizer™ 3-in-1 Floor Prep Tool.
    • Removes dry, stuck-on debris left behind by traditional cleaning tools.
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$3.44  EA
  1. RCP2018822
  2. Rubbermaid® Commercial
    Maximizer EZ Access Replacement Scraper, 1.625" Wide
    • Allows for quick cleanup of stuck-on debris.
    • Easily clips on 15/16" to 1 1/8" diameter thick handles.
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$5.64  EA
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